The combination of building loan and bank funding.

Cream Bank offers various funding options for private individuals in relation to a new building or the modernization of a property.  The advantage of a combination of Cream Bank funding with construction finance is that the need for capital, the amount of which should be covered by the home loan alone, is reduced.

Bank also offers early repayment-free years in its real estate promotion programs.

Bank also offers early repayment-free years in its real estate promotion programs.

It is important to pay out the funding. In addition, an email address must be entered, which can be accessed quickly and regularly.

  • Set secure password
  • Security questions are entered for additional security. If the password is forgotten, a new password can only be requested by answering the questions.
  • A common query is made to determine that you are not a bot who makes the entries.
  • The registration is then completed. By clicking on “Register now” you will receive a confirmation email in which you have to click on a link again to confirm that the email really belongs to you.
  • A corresponding application for Cream Bank funding can then be made.

Home loans can be combined.

Home loans can be combined.

If you want to build a new house, you can combine your building loan with the Cream Bank funding programs 153 + 124 + 274, for example.

Building money can be combined. In contrast to new building subsidies, there are two other areas of Cream Bank funding for existing residential buildings:

Living comfort purchase
159: Funding goal: more living comfort and fewer barriers 124: Loan funding objective: finance owner-occupied residential property
455: Investment subsidy Funding goal: more living comfort and fewer barriers 134: Loan funding objective: finance shares in the cooperative for housing
  153: Loan funding goal: Construction or purchase of a new Cream Bank energy efficiency house

Reduce building interest rates, since these measures can significantly reduce the credit line of the building loan. Due to various energy saving regulations (EnEv) there have been various changes and renaming.

For residential real estate, Cream Bank currently differentiates between the efficiency houses according to numbers 40, 55, 70 (formerly Cream Bank 60 house), 85, 100 and 115. Cream Bank efficiency houses of the standards 40, 55 and 70 are supported.

  • Cream Bank funding is higher, the lower this figure is: because the lower it is, the better the energy efficiency.

The individual funding programs offered by Cream Bank also depend on the number. For example, in the case of a Cream Bank efficiency house 70, it is only possible to apply for a promotional loan from the support program 153. This is different, for example, with Cream Bank efficiency houses 55.

  • Building finance can not only be combined with Cream Bank funding, but also with grants from various BAFA programs for modernizing heating systems.

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